Bolivia: Spain approves US$80mn grant for water, sanitation projects

The Spanish government has approved a US$80mn donation to Bolivia’s environment and water ministry for potable water and sewerage projects [and the construction of water intake systems], Bolivian government news agency ABI reported. [The package is part of a water and sanitation development plan that requires US$500mn].

[An earlier report] in local paper El Informador reported that Bolivian authorities [sought] financial support in Spain to cover the cost of a series of water projects [worth] US$ 150mn. Germany, Canada and Sweden [had] already offered their support to carry them out. [Spain has denied an announcement made by President Evo Morales of Bolivia, that it would give some 700mn euros out of of the 1.5bn-euro Spanish water fund to support projects in the country].

Source: BNamericas [subscription site], 19 Mar 2009 ; BNamericas, 02 Mar 2009 ; BNamericas, 12 Mar 2009

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