Dominican Republic: US$27.5 Million for Water and Sanitation in Tourist Areas

The World Bank [has] approved [on 02 April 2009] a US$27.5 million loan to improve the potable water and sanitation supply in the tourist area of Puerto Plata, located in the North of the Dominican Republic.

The Water and Sanitation in Tourist Areas Project will benefit 128,000 Dominicans in poor parts of the region. In addition, it will offer an extra boost to the Dominican government by creating a policy framework and a national strategy for the water sector.

This initiative will be implemented by a coordination unit of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (SEEPYD) and by the Aqueducts and Sewerage Corporation of Puerto Plata (CORAAPLATA).

[…] This project will develop a technical assistance component for the sector at the national level, another one to rehabilitate and expand sanitation services in the towns of Playa Dorada, Sosúa, Montellano, Cabarete, La Unión y La Bombita, and a third one for the administrative management of the project.

Besides this new loan, in 2006 the World Bank completed a US$5 million Project for Wastewater Disposal in Tourism Centers, installing small-diameter submarine outfalls and a series of low-cost wastewater disposal technologies in Puerto Plata.

Source: World Bank, 02 April 2009

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