Government Unable To Address Poor Bahamas Water Quality

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said the government is “painfully aware of the inadequacy and poor quality of water” and that the “demand for water and water infrastructure is great” throughout the country but that currently the government is not in a position to extend a quality potable water supply to areas of  The Bahamas as finances are “challenged”.

He was responding to a question from, who asked him during Opposition question time in parliament yesterday when the Government might take steps to improve the worsening “water situation” in the communities of Tarpum Bay and Rock Sound in his constituency.

The Prime Minister admitted that he himself “felt like he was in the sea” when he took a shower in Tarpum Bay on a trip three years ago,  and he added that “many parts of The Bahamas suffer in the same way from poor quality water (including) Long Island, Crooked Island, Acklins, parts of Andros, all of Cat Island, parts of New Providence and parts of Grand Bahama.”

“The demands for water and water infrastructure are great, huge. We empathise with the people of Rock Sound and Tarpum Bay. Your matter is under active consideration. The Government is challenged in terms of its financing, the Government has had to extend its borrowing beyond acceptable limits and beyond limits where we thought we would not go. We will do the best we can. I cannot now give you a firm date when Rock Sound and Tarpum Bay will have its water of a quality and quantity that is acceptable, but I assure you that the Government of The Bahamas is mindful of its obligation and willing, as soon as it is able, to respond positively to the needs and requirements of the people of Rock Sound and Tarpum Bay,” he said.

Source: Bahamas, 15 may 2010


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