Trinidad and Tobago: Angostura needs to build own waste treatment plant

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The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has taken a hands off approach into the treating of effluent discharges of Angostura Ltd. In fact, Sunday Guardian has learnt that Angostura Ltd is set to commence discussions with a
contractor in relation to the construction of a plant to treat its own discharges.

WASA’s communications specialist Ellen Lewis stated: “We met with Angostura Ltd two weeks ago and reaffirmed a prior established position that they are responsible for the management and treatment of the waste emitted from their plant in accordance with international best practices. “The authority is in no way obligated in this matter. Angostura Ltd has a duty therefore to construct the appropriate treatment facility for any waste generated in its product ion process.”

The findings of a report submitted to the Minister of Public Utilities Emmanuel George, Lewis said concluded that Angostura Ltd must assume full responsibility for its effluent treatment prior to discharges into the environment in accordance with international standards.

Source: The Gardian, 12 Sep 2010
By Anika Gumbs-Sandiford

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