Born Latin American Confederation for Community Organization in Water and Sanitation

As part of the Latin American Management II Community Water and Sanitation, held from 13 to 15 September in Cusco, Peru with the presence of representatives of community associations in 14 countries in Latin America, including members of FANMex Environmental Studies Group BC and Keepers of the Volcanoes and after a year of discussions from the meeting in Samaipata, the Latin American Confederation of Community Organizations for Water and Sanitation Services (OCSAS) was born. The new entity was created to strengthen the associative processes in Latin America, promoting the exchange of experiences and work visible association of OCSAS in the region, promoting their representation in all areas. 

In the next twelve months, the Confederation will analyze better ways of working together, transfer of experiences among the community and strengthen communication and visibility of OCSAS. For this purpose, a committee was established promoter develop planning activities next year.

Reuben Ely, President of the National Confederation of Cooperatives in Argentina Drinking Water (CONAP) said: «We will need everyone to remain committed to association and the visibility of the sector. The goal is in all our countries a greater impact on public policy related to water and sanitation.

Source: FAN, 25 October 2011.

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